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Private Label Service

We’re Your Full-Solution for Private Labeling

Here at Paramount Original Coffee, all of our coffee is single-origin, which means it comes from one farm and isn’t processed or blended with other lower grade coffees. Provide your customers with roasted excellence.

They’ll immediately recognize the unmistakable quality of a coffee that is fresh, authentic, and keep coming back for more.

What makes Ethiopian Coffee So Special?

Coffee trees in Ethiopia grow at a much higher elevation than any other coffee trees on the planet. As a result, these coffee cherries are infused with rich flavors and aromas that aren’t present in regular, watered-down corporate coffees.

Taste and experience unforgettable flavor notes like blueberry, apricot, and strawberries. The rich, sweet aromas, light body, and ultra-smooth finish are wonderful sensations your customers will never forget.

We’re Your Full-Solution for Private Labeling


You Have Full Control

Design means making the best first impression. Our in-house design team will provide plenty of packaging options for you to choose from that match with your brand and logo.


Commitment to Quality

Quality control is our responsibility. Leave food safety to us. Every product that comes from us to you arrives with unique codes for full traceability and other utilities included.


Efficiency is a Must

Your business needs a quick turnaround. Our highly skilled team is adept at moving efficiently to get your private label product into production to meet your demands.


Support Ethiopian Farmers

Conduct better business by supporting millions of Ethiopian farmers and their families. Every purchase counts towards directly supporting farmers and their families.