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Big conventional and corporate coffees are heavily steeped in additives and chemicals and not to mention plenty of harmful and dangerous pesticides and fungicides.

This is the price of mass-produced coffee that no one knows about.Instead, choose fresh and organic. Our authentic Ethiopian coffee only comes from single-origin Ethiopian farms, which means it came from one direct organic source and not from multiple sources to be blended all together in a haphazard way.

With us, you’re going to enjoy a pure and singular taste and aroma with Ethiopian coffee offering you a whole bouquet of flavor notes like blueberries, chocolate, and wine – nuanced tastes that just aren’t present in mainstream coffees. While our coffee is Grade 1 premium, our prices are not.

Reward your office with exquisitely brewed Ethiopian coffee. You and your employees deserve it.

Here's why you choose Our Office Coffee Services!


Easy Online Ordering

Conveniently make and customize your orders online. Order exactly what you need for your office.


Exclusive Ethiopian Selections

We carry 6 of the best Ethiopian coffee varieties from Honey washed Dawi, Yirgacheffe, Organic Sidamo, and more.


Barista-Quality Service

Just order, sit back, and enjoy. Our experts will take care of everything from stocking, filling up, and brewing.