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The Origin of Ethiopian Coffee


Legend has it that one day, a young herder, Kaldi, was walking his goats when they came across a strange tree that they had never seen before. On its branches were bright red cherries that looked very tasty.

BeforeKaldi could intervene, several of his goats rushed towards the tree and ate the cherries. Immediately, Kaldi noticed how excited his goats became and consumed one of the cherries himself. He, too, became filled with boundless energy. The strange tree turned out to be a coffee tree, and Kaldi and his goats had just discovered the stimulating properties of caffeine.

Excited about his findings, Kaldi brought the cherries back to his local monastery. Thinking the cherries were cursed, the monks tossed them into the fire only to cause a wonderful aroma to arise.

Realizing they stumbled upon something special, the monks crushed the cherries and brewed them in water, and created what is known as the world’s first cup of coffee!